How To Find And Do Work That You Love (Ikigai)

What is Ikigai?

To find this reason or purpose, ask yourself these four questions:

  • What do I love?
  • What am I good at?
  • What does the world need from me?
  • What can I get paid for?
  1. What do you love?‍

There’s something, or multiple things, that you simply love. Write down the things you love to do, see, study, learn from, or just feel a deep appreciation for.‍

Personally I have the mission to become a successful software engineer at profession. I love to learn new things in IT Field. I love to solve problems through programming. So, I think, those match with my dream job.

‍2. What are you good at?‍

We all have skills that make us unique, so what are yours? Identify your strength . Ask around on what you are particularly good at ?

As I think I am good at mathematics, coding, solving problems, Managing, Designing websites, And I think many more. The software engineering degree program provides me an immense support developing my skills.

3. What can I get paid for?

This one requires a bit of deeper thinking. Take what you love and are good at and use those as a way to search for what the market needs based on what you can do.‍

If I’m a software engineer, something that’s in demand could be design thinking, or UI/UX research , develop quality products.

‍4. What does the world need from me?

This isn’t the part where you run off and become a humanitarian although, if that’s your thing, go for it. Figuring out what the world needs involves taking what’s going on in the world right now, and how your skills and passions can drive positive change.

Definitely the world needs the new innovations, new technologies. As well as World needs motivation ,Bringing out the best in others, helping families to be financially independent, creating art to help people connect with their emotions, developing solutions for greener earth, designing tools to help elderly and so forth. In the software industry, They expect creativity and want something new which they haven’t seen before.

your ikigai lies at the center of four interconnecting circles. Each of these elements helps contribute to your happiness; all four are crucial to your “reason for being.” Finding and embracing your ikigai is one of the first steps to a long, happy life. Without it, you’ll wander through life, holding onto material objects, memories from the past, or other people. You’ll jump from one goal to another, from one daily task to the next.

Thank you 😊.



Software Engineering undergraduate at University of Kelaniya

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