Software Licensing

What is software Licensing?

Examples of software licenses

  • Single-user license — The software is licensed for a single user and often a single computer.
  • Multi-user license — This license allows you to install a program onto multiple computers used by multiple users. Typically this may be a set number of users. For example, a five user multi-user license allows up to five people to use the program.
  • Site license — A program can be installed on an unlimited amount of computers, as long as they’re at the location of the site license. Site licenses are usually for schools and businesses.

What rights do software licensing establish?

  • The original owner of the software (usually the Licensor)
  • The right to modify the software (alter, install, modify)
  • The right to redistribute the software and/or source code (to other users or install onto other computers)

What are the different types of software licenses?


Are software licenses transferrable?



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